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    Xenforo v2.2.4 Final FULL Nulled

    XenForo 2.1.6 is now available for all licensed customers to download. We recommend that all customers running previous versions of XenForo 2.1 upgrade to this release to benefit from increased stability. Some of the changes in XF 2.1.5 include:
    Correctly handle Stripe review callbacks Fix issue with the +/- buttons on number box elements not working in MS Edge browser. Ensure the import permission helper doesn't fall over when faced with a permission value of 0. Update Font Awesome to 5.11 and improve support for duotone icons. Add "Spam" button on possible spammers when viewing reports. Back out of a few older iOS workarounds which seem to only be applicable to very old versions of iOS related to inputs within fixed elements in order to fix some issues these cause with iOS 13. Ensure favicon / title alert count indicator still displays for counts greater than 999. When trying to find matching transactions when processing payments, ensure we limit it to transactions from the same provider. Switch to a case insensitive match when analyzing an MP4 video ftyp types. Workaround for displaying future relative timestamps in pages output from the guest page cache. Changes to allow certain URLs which do not have a trailing slash to work in a more predictable way. Only display "Spam" buttons to visitors who have permission to use the spam cleaner. When fetching new Oembed data from an endpoint catch all exceptions and return the typical error output. Fix an issue with fixed menu positioning on Safari when scrolling. Prevent left/right aligned contents of spoilers from overspilling their container. Avoid a quirk on the deferred loading rich text editor in Firefox which may insert an empty line when content is first entered. Update Redis cache provider to use del function rather than delete. Deaccent and romanize URLs before validation Restore the ordering by post_date, post_id as per XF1, so that posts with identical datestamps are ordered sequentially. Prevent superfluous dot character being prepended to forum list category anchor links. Create a 'title' getter for the WarningAction entity (return \XF:hrase('warning_points:') . ' ' . $this->points When displaying an unfurling error in the test tool, allow the error message to wrap as needed. On the discouraged IP list in the Admin CP ensure that the list is properly paginated. Disable validation when reverting to a previous revision of content Check that the follow/unfollow ignore/unignore result returns something before attempting to read any associated errors Remove the link URL, as there is no 'edit' page for a thread reply ban so a link URL is nonsensical Update fa-warning to fa-exclamation-triangle in the XF Templater Updated the Twitter dev link in the option_explain_tweet phrase Ensure unfurled URLs are displayed in blocks but work nicely with floated images. Prevent an undefined index error in some situations when rebuilding field cache data. Add a further failover catch for when sites sent totally bonkers HTTP headers back to Guzzle for reasons best known to themelves.... Added meta description/og:description/twitter:description using the metadata_macros->metadata template macro Use a URL friendly add-on ID when exporting languages/styles. Force invisible reCaptcha to be visible on the login form. Creates a minor BC break in all Captcha classes that will need to be observed by any third-party captcha providers Reduce number of queries on the node moderator lists with a new getFullNodeListCached method. Update the xf_thread_read table after a thread merge to reflect the earliest read date for each source thread for each user, so that unread posts from source threads are not marked as read when they are merged into a destination thread whose original content has itself already been read Implement a transaction and also fetch the last insert id on dupe Wrap a bunch of jobs in transactions so we don't ever find out SELECT results are invalid by the time we UPDATE them Implement the suggested check on is_counted from the report thread Wrap Throwable in ErrorException for compatibility with Symfony component Fix logic around user reaction scores when deleting content/changing Reaction scores Prevent false positive detection of duplicate key exceptions in queries due to generic SQL state code. Gracefully handle a race condition when inserting bookmarks. Make the list sorter more usable on touch devices by ensuring the page doesn't scroll when trying to drag items. Fix a situation where tables would not be converted to BB code correctly if there was CSS/alignment applied at the table row level. Move setting up XenForo's error handling to be part of startSystem rather than standardizeEnvironment to ensure that the necessary classes/functions are available before they may be called. Fix timestamp issues after timezone/DST changes When loading recently used smilies/emoji, prioritize smilies over emojis when there are conflicting shortcodes. (This may still lead to the incorrect icon being shown, but only when the conflicting emoji is inserted instead of the smilie.) The following public templates have had changes:
    approval_item_user bb_code.less core.less core_fa.less core_utilities.less helper_js_global help_page login member_shared_ips_list report_view setup_fa.less Where necessary, the merge system within the "outdated templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.

    As always, new releases of XenForo are free to download for all customers with active licenses, who may now grab the new version from the customer area.

    Note: add-ons, customizations and styles made for XenForo 1.x are not compatible with XenForo 2.x. If your site relies upon these for essential functionality, ensure that a XenForo 2 version exists before you start to upgrade. We strongly recommend you make a backup before attempting an upgrade.

    Current Requirements

    Please note that XenForo 2.1.x has higher system requirements than XenForo 1.x.

    The following are minimum requirements:
    PHP 5.6 or newer (PHP 7.3 recommended) MySQL 5.5 and newer (Also compatible with MariaDB/Percona etc.) All of the official add-ons require XenForo 2.1. Enhanced Search requires at least Elasticsearch 2.0. Installation and Upgrade Instructions for XenForo 2.1

    Full details of how to install and upgrade XenForo can be found in the XenForo 2 Manual.

    If you are already running XF 2.1 or above we strongly recommend upgrading directly from within your control panel.

    Note that when upgrading from XenForo 1.x, all add-ons will be disabled and style customizations will not be maintained. New versions of add-ons will need to be installed and customizations will need to be redone. We strongly recommended that you make a backup before attempting an upgrade. Once upgraded, you will not be able to downgrade without restoring from a backup.


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    ThemeHouse UI.X Classic Dark

    Download Free UI.X Classic Dark Xenforo 2.1 Style Premium UI.X Classic Dark
    UI.X for XenForo 1 was the original flagship product from ThemeHouse/Audentio. Though the look and feel was modernized in UI.X 2, we decided to use the same colors, fonts, and general look and feel as it was back in XenForo 1 for a dark version. UI.X Classic Dark has been updated with the UI.X 2 Framework, which comes with tons of new features. There may be some features it does not have perfect parity with, but many are indeed planned.

    This is a free product with any purchase of UI.X 2 for XenForo 2 with an active license. Use coupon code ClassicDarkFreeUIX2 if you have UI.X 2 and ClassicDarkFreeUIX2Dark if you have UI.X 2 Dark. See UI.X 2 for coupons as well if coming from XenForo 1.


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    ThemeHouse UI.X 2

    Download Free UI.X 2 Xenforo 2 Premium Style UI.X 2
    Based off the tried-and-true methodologies of its XenForo 1 predecessor, UI.X continues to push the boundaries of intelligent design. With a basis in Google’s Material Design, the framework is backed by a team well-versed in the XenForo software making UI.X a wise choice for any forum. ThemeHouse has been building products for XenForo since day one of the software’s release and we aren’t going anywhere.
    More UI.X Features:
    Standard, floating, or sticky navigation and userbar Right to left support Dozens of different search bar and navigation position variations Collapsible nodes, sidebar, postbit,and signatures Many types of category description types (tooltip, inline, or none at all) Social Media icons can easily be moved down to the footer or to the logo block Different login styles such as modal window, dropdown, and slideout Option to enable avatars based on Material Design's color system Option to remove the forum list page actions (New Posts and Post New Thread buttons)

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    [TH] Legend

    If you manage a competitive gaming community, you owe it to yourself and your community to install this collection of gaming themes for XenForo 2. From Apex to Starcraft, your community can talk about their favorite games in a style designed just for them.
    Legend comes with a variety of customization options, including unique animation in the welcome banner, a unique footer, and more. Each feature can be turned on and off and customized to your needs!


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    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits

    DragonByte Credits is a highly advanced credits system for XenForo that offers advanced functionality suitable for casual activity and serious eCommerce engines alike.
    DragonByte Credits allows you to create powerful "Events" that can occur throughout your forum. With advanced features such as charging, random additions and taxation, you can create truly interesting combination of events that allows you an unprecendented amount of control over your credits.

    Our Currency Manager allows you to create virtually unlimited different currencies, each with their own set of Events. Want to make a premium currency that can only be earned a certain way? DragonByte Credits gives you the tools to do so.

    Backed up by an advanced Transaction Log, you'll know exactly where all your credits come and go.

    Major Features

    DragonByte Shop Integration: All of your DragonByte Shop purchases will show up in DragonByte Credits, allowing you to fully utilise the power of the Credits mod to support your Shop!

    Powerful Events: You can create events and fine tune their functionality quickly and easily, with support for most XenForo functionality.

    Event transaction moderation: You can now optionally moderate each and every transaction for any given event. This is particularly useful if you have, for instance, a Redeem event that's supposed to be secret but you suspect the code has been shared. Events will appear in the Approval Queue where moderators with the appropriate permission will be able to approve or reject it.

    Redemption Codes: Via the "Redeem" event, you can create coupon codes your users can apply to instantly earn credits!

    [CHARGE=X] BBCodes: Via the "Content" event, users can charge other users to view certain content.

    Alerts: Full XenForo Alert support for all 30+ event types (current & upcoming)!

    Developer Friendly: Powerful callback support for all Credits actions, as well as full XFCP support for extending virtually every piece of functionality and every action page!

    Complete Feature List

    Currency Management
    Allows you to create different currencies stored in different database tables or columns Control the rounding applied to the currency Choose how to handle negative credits (reset to 0, show 0 or allow negatives) Choose the currency's visibility (show to designated usergroups, show to self and designated usergroups, or show to everyone) Prefix and Suffix support for display purposes Advanced settings to control table integration Event Trigger Management
    Review a list of the different events, grouped by category While in debug mode, settings can be altered if you are creating a new event trigger or you know what each setting does Event Triggers are grouped under Accounts, Time, Discussions, Networking, Sharing, Behaviour or Options Inactive event triggers are not yet implemented and will be enabled in a future version Event Management
    Review a list of the different events, grouped by currency Create new events with powerful options (see screenshots) Mass update the events from the list view User Management
    Search for users using the same search fields as the normal XF AdminCP user search View a paginated list of users & their credits values for each of your currencies Quickly update any user's points, complete with transaction log support (will show as "Adjustment by administrator" in the "Notes" field) Alerts
    Full XenForo Alert system support Unique phrases for every combination of currency movement for all 30+ event types (current & upcoming) Can be enabled/disabled per-event Criteria: Fewer than X Credits
    Ability to create trophies etc. using "Fewer than X <currency>" criteria Criteria: More than X Credits
    Ability to create trophies etc. using "More than X <currency>" criteria Events
    Events are how you let members earn credits. You can create as many events from each of the event triggers as you want.
    Purchase - Buying internet points with real money via PayPal. Content - Using [CHARGE=X] BBCode to charge other users to see your post's content. Redeem - Using a redemption code Adjust - Manipulating the currency of someone else. Conversation - Sending a Private Message Donate - Transferring currency to another user. Download - Downloading a forum attachment. Downloaded - Someone else downloading your attachment. Thread - Posting a new thread Post - Adding a post to a thread Reply - Someone else posting in your thread Post Like - Liking a post Post Liked - Someone else liked your post. Post Rate - Rating a post using the "Post Ratings" mod Post Rated - Someone else rated your post using the "Post Ratings" mod Profile - Someone else viewing your profile. Events should be limited. Visit - Viewing a profile. Earning events should be limited. Charged events will lock out guests. View - Viewing a thread. Charged events will lock out guests. Viewed - Someone else viewing your thread. Events should be limited. Upload - Uploading a new attachment. Tag - Applying a descriptive label to a thread. Revive - Posting in a dormant thread. Message - Leaving a message on someone else's profile Messaged - Someone else leaving a message on your profile Warning - Receiving a Warning Daily Activity - Awarded on first login each day Follow - Following someone Followed - Someone else following you Poll - Posting a poll Vote - Voting in a poll Sticky - Your thread becoming sticky XenForo Media Gallery Upload - Uploading new MediaGallery Media. XenForo Media Gallery Download - Usergroups that can be affected by this event XenForo Media Gallery Downloaded - Someone else downloading your MediaGallery media. XenForo Media Gallery Comment - Adding a comment to a MediaGallery media resource. XenForo Media Gallery Commented - Someone else commenting on your MediaGallery media resource. XenForo Media Gallery Rate - Rating MediaGallery media. XenForo Media Gallery Rated - Someone else rated your MediaGallery media. Transfer - Moving your own currency from one form to another. XenForo Resource Manager Upload - Uploading a new XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Update - Adding an update to a XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Download - Downloading a XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Downloaded - Someone else downloading your XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Comment - Adding a comment to a XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Commented - Someone else commenting on your XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Rate - Rating a XenResource resource. XenForo Resource Manager Rated - Someone else rated your XenResource resource. Interest - Growing the value of your currency over time. Taxation - Reducing the value of your currency over time. Optionally transfer taxed credits to a certain user. Paycheck - Occurs at regular intervals. Trophy - Being awarded a new trophy. Registration - A new user registers on the forum. Give Warning - Applying a warning to someone else. Upload Avatar - Uploading a new avatar. Report Content - Reporting a piece of content to the moderators. Reported Content - Your content was reported to the moderators.


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    ThemeHouse iO

    Download Free [TH] iO Xenforo 2 Style Premium iO
    This vibrant, minimalist theme with concepts from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines creates a professional forum that stands out. Your forum and discussions will flow with the clean and subtle design. Make iO unique with category strips that automatically change color based on your primary brand color.
    Built with the UI.X 2 framework Clean typography Uses material line icons Full page animations on page load Uses a tab bar at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices Full height iOS-style modals Category strips that automatically change color based on your primary brand color


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    • Slider Revolution v6.1.7 Responsive WordPress Plugin
      Slider Revolution (Revolution Slider) is an innovative, responsive WordPress Slider Plugin that displays your content the beautiful way. Whether it’s a Slider, Carousel, Hero Scene or even a whole Front Page, the visual, drag & drop editor will let you tell your own stories in no time!
      Our premise is “less is more” and that is reflected in the structure of our components. In order to incorporate so much functionality into our plugins, we make sure everything is build as modular as possible.

      Fully Responsive & Mobile Specific Features

      jQuery 1.7 – jQuery 2.x Supported

      Lightning Fast Greensock Animation Engine

      Powerful API functions

      Smart Font Loading

      We want Revolution Slider to be able to fulfill all slide based roles along with special functionality like carousels and hero blocks. If you can’t find a specific feature, feel free to ask us!

      Hero, Carousel and Classic Slider Features

      All Sizes Possible (Full Responsive + Revolutionary 4 Level Advanced Sizes)

      Fullwidth, Fullscreen, Auto Responsive Slider sizes

      Unlimited Sliders per page

      Image BG Cover, Contain, Tiled, Alignment, etc.

      WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Editor

      Published / Unpublished Slides

      Publish slides based on predefined Dates

      Simple and Advanced Lazy Loading for Faster and SEO Optimized Slider Start

      Link and Actions on Slides

      Parallax Effects, full customizeable, combine with Ken Burns and other effects (Mouse / Scroll controlled)

      Improved Light weight Ken Burns Effects (easier & faster)

      World Premiere for advanced Action Building

      Build Social Stream based Sliders

      Quick and Easy building based on Slider, Slide and Layer Templates

      Performance Monitor and better Performance Suggestions

      Viewport based Slide Loading and Progress

      Create Slider Defaults, Reset, overwrite single Settings due all slides

      Save Slide, Slider, Layer, Animation as Template
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    • The #1 User Profile & Membership Plugin for WordPress
      Ultimate Member offers a range of features including user profiles, member directories, user registration/login, user role editing, content restriction.

      User Profile & Membership WordPress Plugin | Ultimate Member

      Ultimate Member is a free user profile WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create powerful online communities and membership sites with WordPress


      Ultimate Member – User Profile, User Registration, Login & Membership Plugin

      The #1 plugin for front-end user profiles, user registration & login forms, member directories, content restriction and more.


      Ultimate Member combines beautiful front-end elements with powerful admin functionality to make it easy for you to create a user based website with WordPress.

      Features | Ultimate Member

      Ultimate Member is packed full of great free features that allow you to create advanced online communities and add user profiles to your WordPress site.


      Docs Info:

      Ultimate Member

      Ultimate Member Documentation


      Core Plugin - Ultimate Member

      Core plugin documentation


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    • Download Free MemberPress - All-In-One Membership Plugin for WordPress Premium Nulled
      MemberPress will help you build astounding WordPress membership sites, accept credit cards securely, control who sees your content and sell digital downloads
      ... all without the difficult setup.
      Powerful & Easy to Use
      MemberPress is an easy to use WordPress Membership Plugin. It will help you to instantly start charging your users for access to your content.
      MemberPress will help you confidently create, manage and track membership subscriptions and sell digital download products. In addition to these features, MemberPress will allow you manage your members by granting and revoking their access to posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, digital files and more based on what memberships they belong to.
      Are You Ready to Start Your Membership Site?
      With MemberPress you’ll be able to create powerful and compelling WordPress membership sites that leverage all of the great features of WordPress, WordPress plugins and other 3rd party services including content management, forums, and social communities.
      Unlike many other membership site solutions, MemberPress integrates fully with your already-existing WordPress website, is robust but is also simple to use. So if you're wondering how to get your membership going … no need to wait, you're in the right place.
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    • Download Free Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme - ThemeForest
      Many Available Demos – Salient provides ultra high quality demos all available to import with one click. Whether you’re a photographer, agency or anything in between, Salient has will take your online presence to a new level.

      Exclusive Sliders – Get access to multiple sliders custom tailored/created just for Salient. You’ll enjoy exclusive features such as smooth parallax scrolling, image/video backgrounds & awesome functionality such as having your each of your slides alter the header navigation coloring from light to dark.
      Page Transitions – Choose between multiple page transitions available for a beautiful & fluid user experience or turn them off all together if desired.
      4 Icon Packs – Salient has one of the most complete icon sets available on all of ThemeForest. Available families include: Iconminds ($59 value), FontAwesome, Steadysets & Linea.
      Multi Layer Mouse Based Parallax – Wow your users by creating an astonishing parallax scene which is animated via the users mouse movement. Silky smooth performance & works on mobile as well based on tilting the device.
      Masonry Image Galleries – Create beautiful galleries with ease! Enjoy all of the styles available for portfolio items, but with drag & drop ordering & easy bulk uploading.
      Megamenu Built In – No need to rely on plugins. Choose your columns and display your megamenu full width or boxed within the site container.
      Fullscreen Rows – An extraordinarily powerful & exclusive feature that transforms your page builder rows into an exciting story in one click. Animated between your rows with high performance transitions that also work on mobile.
      Off Canvas Menu – Salient provides a powerful off canvas menu option with 4 different styles that can be used on desktop/mobile displays
      High Performance Animations – Say goodbye to outdated choppy animations. Take note of the frame rate at which the theme animations display at – your users will appreciate the time spent on performance optimization. It’s silky smooth.
      Advanced Typography – Currently offering over 700 font families all with precision options available such as line height, letter spacing, font weight, font style, font size & text transform. Live font previews are also available right in the options panel.
      Multiple Blog Styles – Salient offers tons of blog layouts to choose from. Each of the styles seen below can also be displayed full width or with a sidebar.
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