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We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS v7.9.1
This marks the end of pre-production testing and promotes WHMCS 7.8.3 to the recommended version for all new installations and upgrades.
WHMCS 7.8 introduces support for Multiple Pay Methods for clients, improvements to the credit card checkout UX, a new tool intended to help make it easier to keep servers in-sync and reduce dormant account usage, Auto-Complete for Server Creation, a New Stripe Module and more.

FEATURE-1023 - Implement support for metric reporting and usage billing to provisioning modules
FEATURE-1887 - Implement recording of date of refund and/or cancellation for invoices
FEATURE-2179 - Sitelock VPN: Introduce support for reselling the Sitelock VPN service
FEATURE-2183 - Enforce maximum renewal terms in all domain renewal workflows
FEATURE-2187 - PayPal: Implement support for Smart Payment Buttons Checkout Experience
FEATURE-2189 - Improve UI/UX relating to ACH/eCheck modules and add support for payment method creation
FEATURE-2195 - Stripe: Add support for ACH and SEPA direct debit processing
FEATURE-2197 - Implement support for conditional requirements in additional domain fields
FEATURE-2205 - Implement display of enabled Metric Usage Statistics to admin area
FEATURE-2207 - Implement display of enabled Metric Usage Statistics to client area
FEATURE-2208 - cPanel: Implement support for Metric Usage Statistics collection
FEATURE-2210 - DirectAdmin: Implement support for Metric Usage Statistics collection
FEATURE-2212 - Implement informational quick look functionality to admin area product and service lists
CORE-7000 (#4164) - Validate currency code on during additional currency setup
CORE-7120 (#4371) - Correct calculation for upgrade pricing with lifetime promotions
CORE-8178 - Ensure Contacts are not redirected to 2FA configuration
CORE-10316 - Correct currency format normalization prior to invoice payment inspection
CORE-10362 - Ensure date format for values used in Next Due Date field
Also known as: CORE-13871
CORE-10954 - Correct quoting an existing product with no monthly pricin
CORE-11515 - Correct KB articles and downloads title conversions for non-latin characters
Also known as: CORE-11851 & CORE-13508
CORE-11857 - Ensure cancellation not attempted for upgrade orders lacking an invoice
CORE-12435 - Remove Bouvet Island country code from available countries
CORE-12926 - Ensure prorata billing results in a correct next invoice date on the service during the initial order
CORE-13225 - Correct cancellation request pagination
CORE-13335 - Utilize best symbols for password generation respective of Plesk provisioning
CORE-13576 - Update Allow Client CC Removal setting name and description
CORE-13665 - Add index.php to all directories of the Six template
CORE-13691 - Improve translation strings for Tow-Factor Authentication
Also known as: CORE-13825
CORE-13696 - Improve character transliteration of admin WHOIS output
CORE-13715 - Add missing Italian province South Sardinia (SU) to States Dropdown
CORE-13720 - Correct use of legacy FontAwesome class to v5 family
CORE-13752 - Ensure System Health Check for allow_url_fopen triggers when not enabled
CORE-13757 - Ensure PreRegistrar hook-points are executed just once
CORE-13762 - Add fraud check fail gateway functionality
Also known as: MODULE-7124
CORE-13769 - Add recommendation for installer when max_execution_time is not as expected
CORE-13770 - Improve resilience for when admin templates are missing
CORE-13771 - Update Ticket Options tab following data update via sidebar
CORE-13773 - Ensure proper spacing in the Invoice Number format in the admin area when using Spanish language
CORE-13774 - Correct addition of contact address for CC field on email import
CORE-13775 - Correct missing captcha image on password reset page
CORE-13778 - Improve post-login redirects for pathinfo routes
Also known as: CORE-13144
CORE-13782 - Correct migration for Visa Debit card type
CORE-13783 - Update sample input for UpdateInvoice API
CORE-13784 - Update additional domain field options for .eu tld
CORE-13785 - Improve inspection of inactive tickets prior to auto-close routine
CORE-13788 - Ensure CCUpdate hook fires on card add / update
CORE-13789 - Prevent erroneous exception on server (mis)configuration
CORE-13791 - Ensure captcha error is returned in specified language
CORE-13796 - Correct population of domain additional fields dropdown type
CORE-13797 - Reset Invoice Numbering when enabled on change of month
Also known as: ADDON-5975
CORE-13799 - Correct breadcrumb path building for domain pricing
CORE-13801 - Correct paymethod migration when using Remember Me
CORE-13803 - Improve handling of unconventional remote storage gateways
CORE-13804 - Correct admin ticket watch/unwatch
CORE-13806 - Ensure Order Confirmation displays all ordered services
Also known as: CORE-13903
CORE-13807 - Ensure Invoices Due total in client area excludes Mass Pay invoices
CORE-13809 - Improve gateway token migration when encountering unexpected card data and mandates
CORE-13810 - Only render Add Credit Card option when supported by gateways
CORE-13812 - Correct invocation of AddonTerminated hook
CORE-13816 - Improve ticket association to clients
CORE-13818 - Improve messaging when blocking existing domains related to orders
CORE-13823 - Ensure correct user is attributed to orders placed in admin area
CORE-13827 - Allow subTitle key for IntelligentSearch hook to be optional
CORE-13828 - Correct display of date selection for Support Overview
CORE-13834 - Correct logging for changes in Automation Settings
CORE-13836 - Include migrated and non-migrated data for client searches against Last Four
CORE-13838 - Correct pay method update routine for expiry date
CORE-13842 - Prevent error when pay method is deleted during processing
CORE-13845 - Improve management of errors when collecting mail in degraded environment
CORE-13846 - Improve UI to indicate a max length of 64 characters for password
CORE-13847 - Correct path for clippy.svg in generate-password.tpl
CORE-13849 - Ensure Configurable Options of "radio" type display their labels on Upgrade/Downgrade modal
CORE-13851 - Ensure no capture attempt is possible when invoice is in "Draft"
CORE-13855 - Correct itemization of GetAdminUsers under the System category on an API role
CORE-13870 - Do not show inactionable services in Server Sync Tool
CORE-13884 - Correct exclusion of captcha when disabled for domain checker
CORE-13891 - Correct display of Tax ID/VAT Number field while adding new billing address
CORE-13908 - Ensure remoteinput gateways can Add Credit Card in admin area
MODULE-6683 - Correct display of reseller packages in product setup for Plesk
MODULE-6771 - Correct usage statistics updating for Centova Cast
MODULE-6968 - CentovaCast Module does not auto populate custom service fields
MODULE-7048 - Implement config validation for domain registrars
MODULE-7103 - Correct .cl domain registration with ResellerClub
MODULE-7125 - Decouple Stripe folder location from core routing routines
MODULE-7128 - Gracefully handle exception on failed YubiKey
MODULE-7129 - Ensure Stripe expiry date and address are updated when editing a payment method
MODULE-7131 - Correct pay method create in Admin area for eWay Rapid
MODULE-7132 - Correct reports for successful refunds for eWay Rapid
MODULE-7134 - Correct response digest for eWay Rapid
MODULE-7136 - Correct use of existing Stripe token on checkout
MODULE-7137 - Improve resilience when missing mailchimp data
MODULE-7138 - Correct payment process pre-migration for FuturePay & GoCardless
MODULE-7141 - Correct interpolation of merge fields for Stripe Statement Descriptor
Also known as: MODULE-7151
MODULE-7143 - Ensure credit cards can be added/updated when Validation Mode is set to "Live" on the Authorize.net CIM module
MODULE-7144 - Correct promo calculation for 2CO
MODULE-7147 - Use custom invoice numbering if provided for bank transfer and mail-in modules
MODULE-7148 - Correct updating card data with Accept.JS
MODULE-7149 - Ensure SagePay Tokens allows storage and updates of cards
MODULE-7151 - Ensure Stripe Payment Intent Description is set appropriately on checkout
Also known as: MODULE-7141
MODULE-7153 - Add support for ACH to GoCardless
MODULE-7155 - Improve Stripe handling when using an existing card on no payment due
Also known as: MODULE-7166
MODULE-7158 - Disallow redundant and erroneous "Save Changes" button with Quantum Vault pay methods
MODULE-7161 - Force captcha image to reload on Stripe validation failure
MODULE-7162 - Improve DirectAdmin API response error handling
MODULE-7165 - Correct logging of successful Payson transactions
MODULE-7170 - Correct usage of client's currency in Stripe API
MODULE-7175 - Discontinue distribution of PayPal Express Checkout module
MODULE-7182 - Prevent erroneous “Login session not found” error with Stripe when ordering a free product
MODULE-7184 - Correct token format for SagePay Repeats
ADDON-5982 - Only render "Reissue" button for Licensing Addon when appropriate
ADDON-6019 - Ensure Country value passed when updating Mailchimp customer
Project Manager
PMA-152 - Prevent erroneous error when saving with multiple task lists
CORE-8223 - Correct return value of error messages for failures via AcceptOrder API
CORE-13781 - Improve AddOrder API documentation
CORE-13792 - Add affiliateemails parameter to AddContact API call
CORE-13780 - Improvements for French translations
CORE-13793 - Improve Spanish translations
CORE-13897 - Correct missing language string for ovSubtitle

WHMCS 7.9.1
License: b6ffb6699450271d58b12a01c1e6c5a2

What's New in Version 8.1.3   See changelog





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